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Plants requests form our customer

We like and appreciate customer feedback to your apps. In this case we asked your customer which plants are missing in your apps Water Please! and Water Please! Pro? Here are their answers:zamioculcas (1 user)herb and edible flowers (1 user)

cannabis (2 user)
peace lilly (2 user) –> as trumpet lilly in Water Please! Pro
orchids (7 user) (it is already in our Pro app) –> in Water Please! Pro
iris (2 user) (it is already in our Pro app) –> –> in Water Please! Pro
hoya plant (1 user)
hydrangea (1 user)
Buchs (1 user)
Purpurglöckchen (1 user)
Geißblatt (1 user)
Trompetenblume (1 user) –> as Engelstrompete in Water Please! Pro
Lavendel (5 user)
adenium arabicum (“desert rose”) (1 user)
gymnocalycium baldianum (“dwarf chin cactus”) (1 user)
petunias (1 user) –> in Water Please! Pro
geraniums (2 user)
Bartnelken (1 user)
Clematis (1 user)
Vergissmeinnicht (1 user) –> in Water Please! Pro
Basilikum (1 user)
Oregano (1 user)
Salbei (1 user)
Stevia (1 user)
Dill (1 user)
Gräser (1 user)
Palmen (1 user)
Rosmarin (1 user)
Thymian (2 user)
Bambus (1 user)
Fuchsia (1 user) –> in Water Please! Pro
Yucca Palm (1 user)
ficus benjamina (3 user)
ficus elastica (2 user)
sweet potato vine (1 user)
blueberry (1 user)
Hydrangeas (2 user)
desert rose (1 user)
cactus (1 user)
suculentus (1 user)
miltonia (1 user)
Zwergdattelpalme (1 user)
Zimmertanne (1 user)
Chilli (1 user)
Ficus Lyrata (1 user)


If you have further requests, please leave a comment below. Thanks!


(last updated: Mai 1st, 2013)

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