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Water Please! Pro

For unlimited and selve added plants

Water Please! Pro


Did you ever forget to water your plants?

  • Then this App will help you remember when your house, balcony and garden┬áplants need water.

You don’t remember how much water you have to give each of your plant?

  • Find detailed informations on each plant.

Did you trash your plants’ label and now don’t know how often each plant needs water?

  • See how often they need to be watered and get reminded on. Select the time when you want to be noticed.

You can’t find your plant in the library?

  • No problem. Just take a picture and add our own plants.

Add your own plants to library

All features

  • more than 100 house, balcony and garden plants available
  • add your own plants to database (unlimited number)
  • take pictures of your own plants
  • Ad free
  • set reminder for all plants
  • set time when you want to be reminded
  • frequency and amount of water are changeable for each plant
  • pictures of all plants
  • search for specific plants
  • information about how often your plants need water
  • information about how much water your plants need
  • information about how much light your plants need
  • information about soil, nutrition and site
  • special tips